Customized face and body aesthetic treatment experience.

Personalized Cosmetic Injectables in Buffalo, New York

Cosmetic injectables can help you further achieve your aesthetic results beyond the skincare treatments provided by Buffalo Skincare & Beauty. That's why we've partnered together with Chief Aesthetics to deliver the ultimate face and body experience.

Andrea with Chief Aesthetics specializes in anti-aging and prevention by providing the highest quality aesthetic injectables, including Botox®, Xeomin®, a wide range of dermal Fillers, Kybella®, hyperdilute Radiesse, & vitamin injections. Her approach is to maintain a healthy natural look and create a refreshed appearance. All medical aesthetic treatments are performed by Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner Andrea Tallchief MSN, ANP-BC.


Andrea Tallchief

Buffalo Skincare & Beauty and Chief Aesthetics work hand-in-hand to deliver comprehensive results.



If you are new to medical aesthetics and not sure of what you need, then the Customized Beauty Plan is right for you.

Customized Beauty Plan

Xeomin® works by temporarily relaxing facial muscles and easing the tension that causes fine lines and wrinkles.


Dermal fillers are injectables approved for use in helping to replace volume and build structure.

Dermal Fillers

Fat Dissolving Treatments are known as Injection Lipolysis, which permanently breaks down fat cells safely without the need for invasive surgery and lengthy recovery.

Fat Dissolving Treatments

Acne Scar Subcision is a treatment conducted at a sub-dermal level in the skin. This approach helps formation of new collagen and helps to restore your skins structure and improve scar depth.

Acne Scar Subcision

Vitamin shots are a great natural way to boost your body's health. These injections can improve healing, boost immune response, and promote good energy levels and overall well-being. 

Vitamin Shots